Tuesday, May 6, 2014

SnoreRX: There IS a SOLUTION to stop your SNORING.

Patrick Maley, Chief Operating Officer of Apnea Sciences Corporation Clinical Division, announced that their breakthrough product ApneaRx® was just approved by the FDA and is now available for the 20 million sleep apnea sufferers in America who think CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure mask pictured at right) is the only remedy for their disorder. Most of these sufferers are unaware that a much more patient friendly oral appliance (mouthpiece designed to treat sleep apnea) is recommended by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine as a first line treatment for less severe and non-compliant CPAP patients. Maley said, “Up until now there has not been an affordable “transition” oral appliance that has been good enough to help the medical practitioner decide whether an oral appliance, or CPAP therapy is best for their patients. Our research indicates that effective oral appliance therapy would be preferred by most patients.”
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